16 Of The Best Bow Ties From 11 Year-Old Designer Mo Bridges’ Collection

This kid knows his neckwear.

Meet Moziah Bridges, the “dapper young man” behind bow tie brand Mo’s Bows.


©Annabella Charles

His designs have been featured in O magazine.

And on The Steve Harvey Show.

Sadly, Mo’s well-dressed appearance does not appear to have impacted Steve’s own (dubious) sense of style.

Fox News recently profiled the self-described “kidpreneur,” and the interview was delightful.

So Moziah’s grandmother, who “has been sewing for over 80 years, or something crazy like that” taught him how to make his own!

The best part: this non sequitur.

Mo’s Bows are currently sold through Etsy. They retail from $40-60, and most designs are sold in limited quantities (because Moziah picks out all the fabrics himself).

Below, a selection of the finest designs currently on offer:

1. The classic houndstooth bow tie. You can’t go wrong.

2. Of course there’s a herringbone pattern in the mix — the “Harring Hound.”

(Because it’s mixed with a houndstooth pattern too. Very smart.)

3. The “Holidays with Granny” tie, so you know when to wear it.


(Ok, you can wear it on other occasions too.)

4. This bow tie is the “Spicy Chocolate,” and the neon colors are wonderful.

5. Paisley! Yes please.


6. The “Pine Tree.”


7. “Laugh Out Loud” with this bold chevron print.

And once you’re done laughing, go buy the bow tie. Because it’s most dapper.

8. The appropriately-named “Flower Seed” bow tie.


Just the right amount of retro.

9. And with seeds planted, “Spring Theme” flowers blossom.


10. The “Lady Sings the Blues” design, though technically she’d be singing your praises.

11. Wait for it, wait for it: this bow tie is “aMAZing.” That’s actually it’s name.


Any designer who’s willing to make bad puns on fashion writers’ behalf should be applauded.

12. And the bow tie’s names get better still: this is Moziah’s “Patches of Looove” design.

Aren’t you in looove with it?!

13. And aren’t you also in looove with the “Candy Hearts” design?


Yes, yes you are.

14. The “Nice Guy,” in plaid.


15. And another sharp plaid option: the “Harrison.”


16. And last but by no means least, the “Fancy Pants.”

Because calling someone “fancy pants” can be a compliment.

And in other important bow tie news, Justin Bieber reportedly just got into a nightclub brawl over one.

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