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    27 Beautiful Photos From The Royal Wedding In Indonesia

    Over three day's worth of ceremonies, the current Sultan's fourth daughter got married this week.

    1. Huge crowds line the streets of Yogyakarta as bride Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hayu and groom KPH Notonegoro are driven to Kraton Palace for their wedding.

    2. Royal waving is a must.

    3. Twelve ornate horse-drawn carriages made up the royal procession.

    4. Which, were it not for all the cell phones and the big bank in the background, would have looked like something straight out of the ancien régime.

    5. The requisite guys on horseback showed up to look fancy/keep order.

    6. While regular soldiers stood guard while a contingent of guys with fabulous elf hats did their thing.

    7. Volunteers stand outside Kraton Palace.

    8. And some palace guards, also standing to attention.

    9. Groom KPH Notonegoro arrives at Kraton Palace in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

    10. Meanwhile, here's the bride getting her hair did.

    11. Bride Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hayu asks for blessing from her father, Sultan Hamengkubuwono X.

    12. And from her mother, Gusti Kanjeng Ratu Hemas.

    13. KPH Notonegoro sits with members of his family before taking part in the "Siraman" bathing ritual.

    14. Notonegoro, with his family, during the "Siraman" ritual.

    15. The bride also gets a ceremonial wash.

    And she gets to wear a lovely, floral-woven poncho for the occasion.

    16. The royal bride and groom enter the "Tompo Koyo" wedding ceremony in the Bangsal Kesatriyan hall at Kraton Palace.

    17. This is a dancing troupe dressed as fools, performing in the ceremony.

    18. A close-up of the face paint.

    19. The royal bride and groom during their wedding ceremony.

    20. Notonegoro lifts his bride up, as part of the "Pondhongan" ceremony.

    21. Obligatory nervous/pissy "do NOT drop me" face.

    22. The "Wijikan" ceremony, which sees the bride washing her future husband's feet.

    (This is a traditional symbol of a wife's devotion.)

    23. A quick tea break.

    24. Posing for photos. Imagine how much pressure the photographer at a royal wedding must be under.

    25. Posing with family members, because it's ok to be shirtless in these wedding photos.

    26. More family members.

    27. And posing with four adorable little bridesmaids, each carrying a peacock feather fan.

    And so all the cream ensembles at that other big royal event this week looked even more boring by comparison.

    Sure, the Duchess of Cambridge is wearing McQueen. But it's snoozy McQueen.