13 Awkward GIFs From A Model Dance Party

The new Miu Miu campaign video is basically your middle school dances recreated. It just needs that kid in the corner doing the robot.

Miu Miu’s fall 2013 campaign features top models including Lindsey Wixson and Georgia May Jagger.

Courtesy of Miu Miu

It’s supposed to look like they’re on a big boat/cargo ship approaching New York City, maybe?

As well as Daphne Groeneveld and Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima.

Courtesy of Miu Miu

Anne Verhallen, Katlin Aas, Emily DiDonato, Marina Nery and Hind Sahli complete the campaign’s cast. And they’re all having a dance party. A really terrible dance party.

Suggested soundtrack:

1. Lindsey starts things off with a terribly stilted little shimmy.

Confession: I dance just like this.

2. Ok wait, no, this is a terrible shimmy.

3. This is how people “dance” to Enya’s music.

And by “dance,” I mean flail wildly as if experiencing the cosmos anew thanks to crystal meth.

4. Seriously, hasn’t anyone learned how to twerk?

Or at least to pop, lock and drop it. Come on now, girls.

5. This is barely even voguing. Fashion models should know better.

6. This is a surefire route to hip problems in later life.

7. And these sorts of moves would get you thrown off the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway.

From now on, let’s watch Adriana extra closely when all the models parade out en masse at the end of show and have their little self-congratulatory dancey clapfest.

8. Daphne’s not even trying.

9. Because the old Willow Smith headbanging is a classic “don’t want to be here, don’t look at me” move. Also, it’s so 2010.

Let’s also have a moment of silence for Lindsey Wixson, because this is a tragedy.

10. Uh-oh, now Lindsey’s jealous.

11. Someone is extremely unhappy with their dance partner, their dance moves, and quite possibly life itself.

12. This couple seem a little happier, or just more resigned to their sad slow-dancing fate.

13. And this couple are ecstatic, they just can’t dance for shit.

So let’s remember nothing can best the dancing models in Lanvin’s fall 2011 campaign:

Wait for the Alber cameo, WAIT FOR IT.

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