And This Is What Kate Middleton Must Wear To The Royal Baby’s Christening

Perfect timing: the new Alexander McQueen campaign debuts. KMid did wear a McQueen wedding dress, after all.


All campaign images courtesy of Alexander McQueen.

2. The fall/winter 2013 Alexander McQueen collection featured ten looks inspired by, reported fashion critic Tim Blanks, “the excesses of Catholicism.”

3. That, or the wardrobe of one fierce Elizabethan (drag) queen. Regal, but risqué.

4. And the collection’s accompanying campaign images, recently debuted, suggest it’s the perfect outfit for the royal baby’s christening.

5. After all, just because it’s a big day for baby Cambridge doesn’t mean he has to get all the attention, right?

6. Besides, all these ostrich feathers will give the little royal something to play with during any downtime.

7. So, basically, this has to happen. If the Duchess of Cambridge won’t dare to wear, then fingers crossed Princess Beatrice will.

8. Because baby Cambridge will almost certainly* be wearing these under his christening gown.

These are from the Young Versace baby’s clothing line — “Blue Chain Print Trousers With Feet” specifically. And they’re only $70! Still, why should the young’un get to have all the designer fun?

*Read “almost certainly not.”

9. Here’s some of the collection’s ornate finery in color. It’s AMAZING, all of it.


See the collection in full here.

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