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    American Apparel Now Selling A $32 "Period Power" T-Shirt

    Menstrual blood features prominently in the printed tee. So, you know, pretty NSFW.

    New for sale at American Apparel: the "Period Power Washed Tee."

    It's a screen-printed T-shirt "featuring self-pleasing artwork by Petra Collins."

    The Ardorous is an all-female online art platform curated by Petra Collins, a Toronto-born artist. Petra began her infatuation with photography at age 15 and became an American Apparel retail employee around the same time. She creates portraits exploring female sexuality and teen girl culture. Now 20, Petra has worked with Vice, Vogue Italia, Purple, Rookie, and is a contributing photographer for American Apparel.

    Art projects on show at The Ardorous include "We All Have Nipples," "Lady Manes" and Slut School."

    There's also "Cat Show," photographs by Grace Denis, which are lovely.

    Other Apparel offerings from The Ardorous include "Wet Tee" and "LOSER."

    And making exposed, erect car wash nipples one of the more restrained printed tees is a very American Apparel move.