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Every Noteworthy Look From Last Night's MTV Video Music Awards

All the fashions: from high-glam red carpet gowns to trash-glam performance costumes. Timberlake's sad fedora did not go unnoticed, don't worry.

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4. As a counterpoint, here's the ethereal Ciara explaining how to do VMA red carpet glamour just right.

This dress also represents Ciara's audition for next season's Dancing with the Stars, because you know she's got both the time and the affinity for sequins.

6. Not that it is remotely possible to best a look as well put together as this.


Note: Another successful usage of ostrich feathers, a gaudy wristwatch (because Kim is old school like that), and a wonderful pair of suede mustard ankle boots.


15. At the 2007 VMAs, one of Ashanti's R&B star rivals shoved her into an alternate dimension.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

She thus never left the ceremony, but thanks to a glitch in the matrix has somehow reappeared on each year's red carpet since looking slightly confused and a bit more legitimately retro each time. (Still not quite justifiably retro, however — though sliced-and-diced Grecian draping is a fairly timeless fashion trope.)

16. Also visiting from 2007: Foxy Brown!

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Everything from the cell phone to the studded ankle boots, the bootleg Léger bandage dress to the two-tone extensions is oh so '07. To be fair though, Foxy can pull it off.

17. As their nonchalant outfits suggest, Willow and Jaden Smith are far too cool to be caught posing with their dad.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Dungarees! I mean, hello. Once I wore a pair of dungarees to school, but with the braces unclipped, and some douchebag managed to clip them together underneath the bench I was sitting on at lunchtime and I was stuck, which was extremely humiliating.

Just wanted to share that embarrassing story briefly, and get it off my chest. How cathartic! I hope no one pulled that prank on poor Willow last night, even if it would give us an excuse to bond so I can provide her with a fashion intervention down the line.


19. Rihanna was not too cool to pose with Harry Styles either (because she probably doesn't know who he is, sorry to say so). Bonus: Niall's nonplussed expression in the photo on the left.

Prepare for the inevitable rumors that Rihanna and Harry Styles hooked up, because goodness knows Harry's reputation precedes him.

20. And prepare for Joy Division fans to rage silently over Louis Tomlinson's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" tee.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

They can't complain openly because that'd be an acknowledgment they followed coverage of the VMAs and wouldn't that be shameful? They'll be mad though, you know it's true. Also, One Direction are looking positively disheveled — at least compared to their usual matchy-matchy red carpet looks.


24. BIG ANG! Along with fellow Mob Wives Drita and Renee. Re the latter: what would catch fire quicker, their hair or shiny, shiny polyester blouses?

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Big Ang later posed for a photo with Rihanna, which makes linking to this an absolute must.

Because the dance moves, just briefly, resemble the wonderful puppetry in the "It's Gonna Be Me" music video:

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27. It's Justin Timberlake, who is now apparently apprenticing under Barry Weiss from Storage Wars.


He just got hella lucky and found these old trophies in a locker he bought for $75! Take that, Dave Hester!

28. In other fedoras: Bruno Mars. Who looked very short compared to Taylor Swift.

Rick Diamond / Getty Images

Who seriously looked like a glamazon. Folks in the audience are like, "Whoa, is she on stilts all of a sudden?"

30. One more Bruno Mars moment, just so we can all savor this silky leopard print. It's a good thing Bruno and Big Ang were texting beforehand, otherwise she'd have shown up in leopard print too.

Rick Diamond / Getty Images

And who wants to be the people wearing the same outfit?

36. Drake's philosophically casual pre-show red carpet look.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

"NOTHING WAS THE SAME," YOU SEE. And yet, everything was just that: theatrical performances, overwrought fashions, and a tween star scandal. That's the VMAs for you.

40. Or perhaps she is actually shocked because she has just seen her other fellow model Erin Wasson in this fascinating sheer body-con gown.

43. The Jersey Shore contingent came and did their thing. It's nice of MTV to keep inviting their reality starlets of years past.

L–R: Jionni LaValle, Nicole Polizzi, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, and Sammi Giancola.

44. Here's Jenni Farley and her fiancee Roger.

Via Cindy Ord / Getty Images

Technically this is from an In Touch party, also held last night in New York. But this Tinkerbell quinceañera dress is a much better look than J-Woww's actual VMA look. (Out of respect for Vinnie and Deena, we won't run their photos; Pauly D and Mike Sorrentino didn't show up.)

45. And in other oddly-attractive-but-certainly-out-of-place New Jerseyeans, here's Real Housewife Melissa Gorga and her Real Husband Joe.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Joe is not convinced his pants were a good decision. And with good reason.

46. Ellie Goulding, being British, has come up with a genius solution to all that quintessentially American awards show overfamiliarity.

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

It's a dress covered in metal studs, thus making any sort of fake-friendly hugs/air kisses painful. Body armor, if you will — because Ellie values her personal space, and rightly so.

48. A fun guessing game to play with group photos: girlband or excited fans granted a brief red carpet photo op?

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

In this case, it's a girl band. Specifically, it's Fifth Harmony of X Factor "fame."

53. A question for the ages: Is Selena Gomez's dress falling down a bit?

Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images

Or is that bustier meant to be half on show? Gosh, isn't fashion fun when it leads to discussions like these?

56. And somewhere that's not the VMAs, Mac Miller is wondering — wistfully — if he should have tried harder.

Case in point: This is the rapper Riff Raff, who is trying too hard.

57. And here are some other guys in snakeskin pants, because that was a real trend last night. I mean, as always.

L–R: Lil Duval and Andrew Schulz (with comedienne Melanie Iglesias).

58. Between the four members of Danity Kane present, there are probably enough separates for one regular person's outfit.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

Possibly two people, if they're dressing for a NIGHT OUT AT THE CLUB or something that young, scantily-clad people do these days — I prefer to stay home and do logic puzzles. Anyway, let's just be glad that Danity Kane graced us with their presence, half-dressed or not. It's not like they have a wardrobe team or anything.

59. Ed Sheeran continues to be red carpet security guards' nightmare. Who could believe this is a legitimate celebrity attendee?

63. Now it's time for some Gaga fashion moments. Here she is representing Morticia Addam's gutterpunk* phase.

Larry Busacca / Getty Images

*The gutter outside an expensive hotel, specifically. When no one is looking, Gaga sneaks up to her penthouse suite for a shower and a Caesar salad from the room service menu, before reemerging to rail against the capitalist masses.

67. You're thinking the best part of this photo is Lady Gaga, sure, but it's actually the lady sat behind her one to the left. LOOK AT THAT HAIR.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

And then realize that lady is Jada Pinkett-Smith, which is even better.

69. Richard Simmons' activewear clearly inspired Perry's show-closing performance.

Are her backing dancers actually that sweaty, or are fake perspiration stains a new thing? I need to know ASAP, so I can start attending social engagements right after hitting the gym (spoiler: I don't actually go to the gym) and explain that Katy Perry said my look was OK.