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A Perfect Explanation Of Everything Wrong With Thrift Store Shoppers

In one handy paragraph, courtesy of DNA Info.

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WILLIAMSBURG — On her latest vintage spree at the robustly stocked Atlantis Attic thrift shop, Sam Frons scored a pink silk button-up, a green Lucky Charms cereal t-shirt, two other tops, and two belly button rings (to wear in her ear cartilage) all for just $34. Elated at the deal, she gazed up and spotted the best item yet: a red Batman comics shirt suspended from the ceiling. But when she asked to add it to her purchase pile, the manager met her [plea] with flat-out rejection.

'I offered him over $100 for it,' said Frons, 24, who learned from an employee that the manager had a sentimental attachment to the shirt. 'It bothered me. I think about Batman every night.'