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A "Cristal" Clear Explanation As To Why Gina Gershon Will Make A Fabulous Donatella Versace

In one handy Showgirls GIF. Because that's "Cristal" as in Cristal Connors, naturally.

Following the exciting news that a soon-to-air original Lifetime movie, House of Versace, will tell the story of Donatella Versace's tumultuous time at the helm of the classic European fashion label, Lifetime recently released a tantalizingly Eurotrashy promo pic of Gina Gershon in the lead role.

In other words, genius duckface casting.

Look at that sofa, and learn to love it.
Gershon's Donatella; courtesy of Lifetime

Look at that sofa, and learn to love it.

Thanks to her wonderful SNL impression, Maya Rudolph was reportedly called up for the part first. Unfortunately, she said:

(Almost certainly not true, but it's only fair to use this GIF at every possible opportunity.)

Anyway, here's the ladies separately — just for reference:

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images
Larry Busacca / Getty Images

L—R: Donatella (with Anna Wintour); Gina Gershon. The latter's transformation is uncanny.

Based on WSJ reporter Deborah Ball's 2010 book of the same name, the film will recount the entirety of Donatella's design career at Versace (at least so far; long may her reign continue). Particular focus, as you would expect of a Lifetime flick, will be placed upon conflicts within the Versace clan, Donatella's dalliances with bankruptcy, her drug problems as well as the rebab stint that followed — but there'll be the requisite teary-eyed happy ending, as D eventually "confronts her demons and comes back [from rebah] stronger than ever to reignite the beloved Versace brand with her own vision and build one of the most powerful and influential fashion houses ever known."

As Cristal Connors would say:


Because if that doesn't sum up the fabled label's aesthetic under Donatella, then nothing does. (Also remember when Cristal wore this? Very Versace.)

Meanwhile, in tenuously-related Nomi Malone clips:

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Lifetime's House of Versace premieres on October 5th. Get excited.

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