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7 Fantastic Needlepoint Fashion Magazine Covers

Photographer and embroiderer-extraordinaire Inge Jacobsen painstakingly recreates fashion magazine imagery with her needle and threads. The results are amazing.


Courtesy of Dazed & Confused


Courtesy of British Vogue


Courtesy of British Vogue


Courtesy of i-D

(Here, Cara Delevingne's face is stitched on to a different fashion photo, Franken-model style.)


Courtesy of British Vogue


Courtesy of British GQ


Courtesy of British Vogue

Jacobsen's other embroidery projects include stitching naked ladies over fashion ads.

(The naked ladies are often taken from porn magazines, specifically.)

They certainly "liven" things up — don't scroll any further if you're not ready for an embroidered vagina, just by the way.

Though you might argue that not lining an embroidery nipple up with the hole in this Louis Vuitton model's heels is a missed opportunity.

In other nipply news, Jacobsen sometimes just stitches breasts onto fashion photography because she can.

And let's not forget she also embroidered the Queen once, which is nice.

Visit her website for more of the neat needlework.

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