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56 Crazy Wild And Fashionable Happenings From The First Half Of New York Fashion Week

Cats, dogs, sports cars, Kanye — it's all there. Oh yes, and CLOTHES too, lots of nice clothes.

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3. Look out for the following Alexander Wang pieces to be all over the street style set in six months time.

They love a good "subversive" slogan, and how could anyone resist the word "WANG" cut neatly out of leather evening gloves?

4. Also at Alexander Wang, Solange Knowles worried that her face would be too shiny.

Reminder: Don't get your scalp oiled before going to a fashion show. Oil will be dripping down yo forehead as u take photos @ the Wang show.

solange knowles



Don't get your scalp oiled before going to a fashion show. Oil will be dripping down yo forehead as u take photos @ the Wang show.

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5. I experienced a similar "wet face" panic attack at the DKNY show.

Paul Morigi / WireImage

After just about jogging across town to make it to the show in time, because I am incapable of hailing a cab under pressure, I found myself with a slightly moist brow. This is an #embarrassingfashionconfession, but oh well.

To my horror, I was then seated directly behind front row bait Kelly Osbourne, and the crowd of nonstop photographers left me convinced I would be looking like an oily sea monster hiding in the background of the resulting images. Fortunately, Kelly's violet hair seems to be hiding me perfectly.


11. Also, perhaps conscious of the fact that soon-to-be Dancing With The Stars star Amber Riley was sat front row, Tadashi Shoji showed dresses that could easily work for a foxtrot.

Granted, they could use a few more sequins to be ballroom-ready. But then, couldn't everything use a few more sequins?

12. Still at Shoji, a few dresses seemed rather reminiscent of fall 2013 Givenchy designs.

Not that you can — or should — patent a sheer skirt with some floral frippery at the hem. I mean, you could just use net curtains.


13. Hippest-of-the-hip label Rodebjer did us all a huge favor and made fashion robes a thing.

Which OFFICIALLY bests daytime pajamas as the next "I dare you to point out that I'm dressed like a hospital patient" trend.


It's haunting/lovely.

Or terrible, if you're not into this kind of melancholy music. That's the fashion industry for you, there's just no middle ground!

19. Many of the glass water bottles left for guests at the Honor show got nudged off the bench seating and broke.

Alanna Okun / BuzzFeed

In fact, the show's PR team hired a guy to follow the sound of broken glass around the runway and mop up each spill.

21. Nicholas K added another — wait for it, wait for it — FEATHER TO HIS CAP with a chic, minimalistic spring 2014 collection.

Technically it's another feather to his (models') headwraps, but still.

25. There was also this model with green hair. Presumably everyone has forgotten about Charlotte Free already, then.

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Despite the old school cotillion culture Posen's aesthetic consistently represents, he's not afraid to subvert the glamour once in a while. After all, he's judging Project Runway now.

28. Meanwhile, both Miss USA Erin Brady and Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf sat front row at Custo Barcelona and few folks other than myself seemed to care.

29. As far as exciting fashion show front row sightings, for me this came second to when I noticed two-time Survivor contestant Andrea Boehlke at Nautica.

I planned to ask Andrea for some tips for getting cast on Survivor post show. (Because if there's one thing that show needs, it's more FASHION JOURNALISTS; if you're reading this, Survivor casting team, email me.) But she scampered off backstage with Dallas reboot hottie Josh Henderson, who she is now apparently dating, to take photos. And to be fair, if you were dating Josh Henderson, you would never miss an opportunity to have photos that document the relationship taken either.

30. Anyway, back to beauty queens and Custo Barcelona. Imagine how wonderful the world would be if all pageant contestants wore Custo gowns.

They're all certainly better looks than the lime green monstrosity Miss USA wore as her opening look at this year's pageant.

32. In other fringefests: the Christian Siriano show. This sort of thing must be ticklish.

Siriano's show went to the tropics, and the runway venue's temperature sure matched.

Also, here's a photo of more hair extensions backstage at the show, because that's a thing photographers are shooting a lot this season.

Cindy Ord / Getty Images

Note: Despite their appearance/the resemblance, these extensions were not used to make the fringe on the gowns Siriano showed. That sort of madness only happens on America's Next Top Model.

33. Another Wintour moment: Anna found her newest trophy athlete friend at Rag & Bone — Russell Westbrook.

Russel Westbrook / Via

If you look carefully, you'll notice the frayed edges of Anna's jacket and Russell's vest match perfectly. Coincidence? I doubt it.

35. The Ruffian show was an adorable mix of rocker chick/girly girl sensibilities that has surely been described by the fashion press as "flirty" over 1,000 times already.

Flirty and fun! Feminine and flirty! Flirtatiously flirty!

36. And Delpozo designer Josep Font continues to present some of the most whimsically beautiful designs at New York Fashion Week as a whole.

Three seasons in a row knocked out of the park now. Font is one to watch.

38. Veritable fashion poetry was distributed at the A Détacher show.

Matthew Zeitlin / Via Twitter: @MattZeitlin

The show notes told a story through models' names and corresponding looks. Ugh, that Alyona (look #18 and/or look #36) is completely hopeless! And Nadia (look #30) isn't going to get anywhere with that attitude either.

42. Wait, did someone say "Wild West" as in Will Smith's live performance of "Wild Wild West" at the MTV Video Music Awards?

View this video on YouTube

No? No one said that?

44. General Idea designer Bumsuk Choi had a similar idea. Basically, everybody needs to cut the sleeves off of every shirt, sweater, and jacket they own YESTERDAY.

In general, the General Idea show was really strong.

46. ...that is, until last night's epic Opening Ceremony show/rager.

51. West also attended the Louise Goldin show — one of the standouts of the season thus far.

Ilya S. Savenok / Getty

Again, he doesn't look thrilled, but I'm sure he was actually pretty into it.

Besides, models walked the Goldin show's finale while his hit "Send It Up" played.

And that should at least cheer him up (a little bit).

52. At Hervé Léger, label's tradition of bandage-strapped body-con dresses held firm (as a body-con dress would).

But this time with a Grecian warrior/bondage twist. We will probably seeing all three of these looks on post-pregnancy Kim Kardashian.

53. And Nicki Minaj sat front row, next to Jessica Alba, taking photos on her iPhone — which has a Nicki Minaj cover, naturally.