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48 Wild, Uncensored Moments From The Second Half Of New York Fashion Week

Fashion fatigue? Pah. There's an Amanda Lepore appearance to discuss!

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1. This single look from the Jeremy Scott collection sums up how everyone feels by the last day of New York Fashion Week.

Joe Kohen / Getty Images

Pity those of us who trek around the European show circuit too. PITY US.

6. In other accidents: A broken elevator at the Philosophy by Natalie Ratabesi show left top fashion editors in a pickle, briefly. Fire trucks were called to help them all out.

7. At Tommy Hilfiger, the models walked on a boardwalk in lieu of a traditional runway.

Peter Michael Dills / Getty

The runway set was created with actual sand — that inevitably got in my sandals.

The surfer-inspired collection's finale walked to the tune of The Beach Boys' "Surfin' USA."

An obvious choice, but still delightful.

8. Meanwhile, Phillip Lim's collection was inspired by the illustrations in high school geology textbooks.

Or "Trying to find some stable ground in the turmoil of our ecosystems.” Yeah, what he said.

And really, the only thing better than geology-themed sweaters is geology CAKE.

Which, for all we know, might have been served backstage at the show. OK, it wasn't, but that's a shame.

10. Weir also attended The Blonds show, which featured arguably the BEST front row possible.

In other words, TYRA BANKS IN THE HOUSE. Or, really, IN MILK STUDIOS. (But only briefly, showing up less than five minutes pre-show and dashing out right afterward. Other celebs, like, say, Iggy Azalea, took the cargo lifts back downstairs with regular folk.)

14. And Walker's show also featured lots of cute, youthful separates.

Layering is big, and so those bobble hats your grandma used to knit you and insist you wear during the winter as a child. Send her a nice letter and ask for another, she'll be thrilled to hear from you!

16. And then also, in front row scenes that couldn't be any less fabulous, here's Real Housewife of D.C. Michaele Salahi and her husband, Journey guitarist Neil Schon.

Cindy Ord / Getty Images

For unknown reasons, they landed front row seats at a number of this season's fashion shows. Of course, Salahi and her former husband Tareq infamously crashed a 2009 state dinner at the White House, so, you know...

17. Their makeout session spiced things up at the Rachel Zoe show, which was otherwise another collection of clothes Zoe would have worn herself in the '70s.

And then Roger would find the photos in an album hidden in a box at the back of one of Rachel's many closets during an episode of The Rachel Zoe Show (RIP). He will be instructed by a producer — who, of course, already knows about the album — to open the box, then the album in turn, chuckle wryly, and then gleefully show the camera. Cut to an interview with Rachel, who will remark, inevitably, "I DIE." End scene.

20. And as well as the hair, when continuing with the theme of "clothes for Rachel Zoe in times past," there's the Thom Browne collection in all its wonderfully bizarre glory:

21. McQueen creations may have loosely inspired this tulle-laden masterpiece from Oscar de la Renta's show.

Alexander McQueen resort 2010 (left); Oscar de la Renta spring 2014 (right).

And the designer took his final bow with both Karlie Kloss AND Joan Smalls.

Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images

Sometimes it's fine to show off like that, because when you can book both Kloss and Smalls for your show, you should remind everyone.

24. At the show, Emmy Rossum, who's pretending to be a photographer... when she's actually just taking blurry shots of the floor.

25. Whereas for the rebellious daughter of said same Stepford Wife, there's Rodarte.

A little bit of acting out is fine, of course, because the little hell-raiser will be a robot before she's off to college.

34. And Marchesa designers Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig brought an unexpected "edge" to their latest Marchesa collection: temporary tattoos!

Flowers and butterflies, but still, Imagine sitting front row at the opera with that.

42. One more Housewife moment: Kim Zolciak's daughter Brielle walked in the Michael Kuluva show.