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40 Top Models With "Fashionable" Tattoos

Beautiful people with (mostly) beautiful body art.

1. Miles Langford

Courtesy of Lanvin

Currently fronting this season's Lanvin menswear campaign, Langford's treating his body like a temple... that's been covered in graffiti by meddling hoodlums. Hoodlums I tell you!

More Miles.

Because he looks good.

Because he looks good.

2. Melodie Monrose

3. Casey Legler

Courtesy of Vogue Brazil

A diverse array of fun body art. Missed opportunity for a small game of snakes and ladders on the forearm there, though.

4. Cara Delevingne

Courtesy of LOVE magazine.

In only a few months, Delevingne went under the needle three times: for the lion pictured left, the fancy initials pictured right, and something or other on her foot. It's all on Instagram, naturally.

5. Matt McGlone

Cat tattoos! Also a sword-wielding pin up girl and some sort of dragon creature. But mainly cats.

6. Anja Konstantinova

Obviously there would be cats. OBVIOUSLY.

And some more Konstantinova

This is what you pair with a "CAT" tat, you see.

This is what you pair with a "CAT" tat, you see.

7. Daniel Bamdad

If Daniel and I were characters in a period romance novel — and how I wish we were — I would spend a solid 20 pages fretting over how I could possibly introduce him to my parents.

8. Chanel Iman

Because she's a model, a veritable walking "clothes hanger." Get it?!

9. Stephen James

Awesome tattoo-realism, even if the lady mine on Stephen's right arm is sad about it all.

10. Aline Weber

That's a nice phoenix.

That's a nice phoenix.

11. Abbey Lee Kershaw

Kershaw favors the tiny tattoo approach, with small symbols dotted all over her body. She even has one of those inside lip tats.

This, however, was just an attention-seeking temporary slogan, exposed at this year's Met Ball

12. Omahyra Mota.

13. Freja Beha Erichsen

Freja has a grand total of 16 tattoos. Pictured above: a small selection of them.

14. Kate Moss

Courtesy of Christian Dior

Birds on her butt!

15. And in other cute animal tats: Bambi Northwood-Blyth

This motif is a given, right?

16. Leebo Freeman

Leebo is in desperate need of a friend game for a knuckle tattoo reading "YOUR," or he'll be forever stuck with a sentence fragment.

17. Kristina Salinovic

Courtesy of Elle.
Courtesy of Zoo magazine.

Because this is what happens when tattoo parlors don't employ fact checkers, Salinovic's body art reads "only angels have wings." BIRDS much?

18. Jourdan Dunn

Dunn's tattoos include her son Riley's name and the winged Egyptian goddess pictured on the right. (Winged... but not an angel mind you.)

19. Mikkel Jensen

MORE WINGS. It's like everyone is playing a sick joke on Kristina Salinovic, basically.

Here's Mikkel in a Marina & The Diamonds music video, which is nice.

Also present in the vid: more buff, tattooed guys.

20. Bradley Soileau — another heavily tattooed music video muse.

21. Diego Fragoso

Courtesy of Philipp Plein


22. Catherine McNeil

Getty Images

McNeil's tattoos range from the teensy (see the spider's web pattern in her ear on the right) to the, well, not so teensy.

23. Cailin Hill

"Lilies and Asian umbrellas," apparently.

24. Tyson Beckford

It seems perfectly reasonable to look at a shirtless photo even though Beckford's only showing off tattoo sleeves — so far.

25. Lily Cole

In addition to the <3 symbol on her wrist, Cole's ankle tattoo reads "Ut apes geometriam." That's Latin for "as bees, geometry" — a line from Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Makes your Twilight quote tats look a little shabby, right? (Unless they're of Jacob Black, in which case, kudos.)

26. Daiane Conterato

Another member of the tiny <3s club.

27. Simon Kotyk

Courtesy of Coitus

You're actually not allowed to wear glasses like either of the pairs pictured above unless you have 12+ tattoos. That's a fact.

28. Isabeli Fontana

Getty Images

This is what happens when a Care Bear goes "bad."

Fontana again.

This time with rosy barbed wire around her ankle, and a tattoo honoring her son Zion. Bonus tattooed makeup artist in the background!

29. Heidi Klum*

*Though Klum is removing (left photo: 2008; right photo: 2013) the swirly text serving as a reminder of her ex-husband Seal, those four little stars represent her four little children.

30. Anja Rubik

31. Josh Beech

You can't go wrong with a tentacular forearm tat, you really can't.

32. Erin Wasson

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images
Courtesy of Terry Richardson

It's like a collage on her arms.

33. And with another arm collage: Ash Stymest

Ash also has the DC Shoes company logo on his calf, but let's not hold that against him.

34. And yet another arm collage: Cole Mohr

35. Tasha Tilberg

36. Tony Ward

Courtesy of GQ Style

Or Mr. Ward, if you'd rather.

37. Abbey Lee Kershaw and Kasia Struss in the spring 2010 Chanel show.

Sadly these marvellous tattoos were only temporary.

Nothing&#x27;s stopping you as using them as inspiration for the real deal, though! (Well, fashion people will forever think you&#x27;re wearing past season&#x27;s clothes, until we reach a point where spring 2010&#x27;s attire will be considered retro.)

Nothing's stopping you as using them as inspiration for the real deal, though! (Well, fashion people will forever think you're wearing past season's clothes, until we reach a point where spring 2010's attire will be considered retro.)

38. These epic tattoos from the spring 2011 Louis Vuitton menswear show are, sadly, also only temporary.

39. Jessica Stam

Getty Images

There's always someone with a Chinese character tattoo; in fact, in the modeling industry there are a number of similarly inked beauties. (Stam's read luck, prosperity, and love.)

Otherwise unrelated, but here's a tattoo of a zombie Jessica Stam that actually exists, somewhere.

40. And thus, let's not forget "Zombie Boy" Rick Genest.

Yes, he really is that covered in tattoos. (Here&#x27;s a &quot;helpful&quot; video showing what he&#x27;d look like without them, thanks to a large amount of foundation.)
Via Courtesy of Mugler

Yes, he really is that covered in tattoos. (Here's a "helpful" video showing what he'd look like without them, thanks to a large amount of foundation.)

Courtesy of Fashion magazine

His looks inspired Gaga that one time.

Even fashion designers like a good tattoo, or 20! Here's Marc Jacobs.

Courtesy of NARS
Courtesy of Diet Coke

Courtesy of Diet Coke

And, of course, fashion darling Victoria Beckham.

(This is mostly an excuse to run a photo of her with that bleached blond bob of years past. Oh, sweet memories.)

Just to confirm, however, this is not a fashion tattoo. This is silly.

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