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40 Top Models With "Fashionable" Tattoos

Beautiful people with (mostly) beautiful body art.

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1. Miles Langford

Currently fronting this season's Lanvin menswear campaign, Langford's treating his body like a temple... that's been covered in graffiti by meddling hoodlums. Hoodlums I tell you!

4. Cara Delevingne

In only a few months, Delevingne went under the needle three times: for the lion pictured left, the fancy initials pictured right, and something or other on her foot. It's all on Instagram, naturally.

17. Kristina Salinovic

Because this is what happens when tattoo parlors don't employ fact checkers, Salinovic's body art reads "only angels have wings." BIRDS much?

25. Lily Cole

In addition to the <3 symbol on her wrist, Cole's ankle tattoo reads "Ut apes geometriam." That's Latin for "as bees, geometry" — a line from Victor Hugo's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Makes your Twilight quote tats look a little shabby, right? (Unless they're of Jacob Black, in which case, kudos.)

Sadly these marvellous tattoos were only temporary.

Via style.com

Nothing's stopping you as using them as inspiration for the real deal, though! (Well, fashion people will forever think you're wearing past season's clothes, until we reach a point where spring 2010's attire will be considered retro.)

39. Jessica Stam

There's always someone with a Chinese character tattoo; in fact, in the modeling industry there are a number of similarly inked beauties. (Stam's read luck, prosperity, and love.)

40. And thus, let's not forget "Zombie Boy" Rick Genest.

Via Courtesy of Mugler

Yes, he really is that covered in tattoos. (Here's a "helpful" video showing what he'd look like without them, thanks to a large amount of foundation.)

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