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37 Over-The-Top Evening Gowns From The 2013 Miss World Fashion Show

You'll be gagging on the eleganza. In fact, you might even burp up a sequin.

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In the "Top Model" preliminary round of this year's Miss World pageant, the 127 contestants showed off their very bestest runway walks.

It's an important round of the competition: This year's newly crowned 2013 Miss World, Miss Philippines, also won first place here. (Even though her gown was sort of horrible, it must be said.)

Anyway, back to the glitter.

All 127 contestants also showed off some ridiculous, overtly glam evening gowns — courtesy of "48 of Indonesia's elite fashion designers." If an Indonesian version of Project Runway doesn't already exists, it NEEDS to get filming. All the designers worked with a "Byzantine concept" in mind, though whether that's a reference to the Byzantine era or a drag bar named Byzantium is not entirely clear. Either way, the exquisite designs apparently highlight "the very best of Indonesian fashion." And quite frankly, I'm convinced. ENJOY.


All photos courtesy of the official Miss World 2013 Facebook page.


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