32 Fashionable Outfits Upcycled Entirely From Landfills And Dumpsters

Eco-conscious fashion company founder Christina Dean is spending 365 days wearing recycled clothing.

Hong Kong-based Christina Dean founded Redress, an eco-friendly, fashion-focussed non-governmental organization in 2007.

Redress aims to promote greater environmental sustainability in the fashion industry by reducing pollution, downsizing waste and lowering the energy consumption laid out for the recycling/disposal of discarded clothing and textiles. As part of her fashion activism, Dean is currently fronting a year-long campaign called “The 365 Challenge.” That challenge sees her wearing “100% dumped and donated secondhand clothes” and nothing else for the duration of 2013. (Apart from her own underwear/shoes, which seems like a fair, not to mention sensible, concession.) The project aims to further promote sustainable fashion, reduce textile waste and illustrate the many ways good-quality clothing can be re-worn.

Each month, a stylist helps Dean put together looks from the recycled clothing she’s found — think of it like enlisting the services of a personal shopper while dumpster diving. Sometimes there’s a clever theme at hand: be it looks inspired by designer trends repurposed, DIY wizardry, or just the timeless little black dress worn lots of different ways. Read more about the venture here; there’s also a handy video explaining all below:

2. The Redress Instagram feed updates daily with Dean’s newest upcycled look. Below, a selection of the best so far:

Dean pictured here in a TRAID recycling warehouse in London.


In a sleeveless suit customized from oversize menswear.


Note: Dean’s black skirt came thanks to a “swap” with Shanghai-based fashion designer Helen Lee. (Lee received pieces worn by Dean earlier in the year.)


Trousers by Armani, linen jacket by Valentino — because people throw high-fashion brands out too, apparently.


Cropped jacket by Missoni — thrown out, unworn, with original tags still in place.


And this striped jacket is by Chanel.


Another as-new piece with its tags still on — specifically, a silk Versace shirt.


Dean’s commitment to recycling extends even to her swimwear.


For the duration of July, Dean wore this Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress every day.

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