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    26 Reasons Why Naomi Campbell Is The Best Reality TV Star Ever

    From now on, it's game on and more of the supermodel's best moments as a second season of The Face is confirmed.

    Good news: Oxygen has greenlit a second season of epic modeling competition The Face, with a British spin-off also debuting this summer. And with Naomi Campbell remaining in her role as executive producer and coach, here's a sprinkling of the sass, strategy and superbly gif-able reactions that'll hopefully be returning to screens:

    1. She makes dramatic entrances.

    2. She winks saucily.

    Seriously, who isn't swooning at the thought of this wink directed at them?

    3. She snaps enthusiastically.

    4. She blinks.

    5. She doesn't always play nice.

    6. She shares fortune cookie-worthy advice.

    7. She employs devious strategies in her quest for the win.


    (Zi Lin, so robbed.)

    8. She stares you down.


    Stares so hard you're like, "sinkhole, take me now."

    9. She offers constructive criticisms in person.


    After all, reading is fundamental.

    10. And offers equally constructive criticism via Twitter.

    11. She cackles gloriously.

    12. She continues to cackle gloriously.

    13. She cackles gloriously so hard she almost faints.

    14. She dismisses arguments with a single hair flip.

    15. She cusses when necessary.

    16. She vents her frustrations.

    17. Still venting frustrations.

    18. She enjoys comfortable director's chairs.


    (Just kidding, she's preparing to vent more frustrations still.)

    19. She asks good questions and answers them herself.

    20. She nods along when you're talking.


    (But she's not actually paying attention.)

    21. She gets emotional.

    22. Totally genuinely emotional.

    23. She frequently reminds us of her legendary status in the industry.


    (You know, apart from all the RL antics.)

    24. She waves giddy jazz hands gracefully.

    25. She calmly demands that filming stop whenever she's unhappy.

    26. And helpfully reminds us all to watch out... for future episodes.