25 Highlights From Heidi Klum's Childrenswear Fashion Show

BALLOON SCULPTURES! And leopard print pajamas.

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8. Unfortunately, this girl's overbearing stage parents must have pissed off the wardrobe team backstage.

Because 1) she doesn't have a hat and 2) why else would her leggings be so mis-matched? But that's ok, her microphone is turned up and she's about to put those stylists on blast.

17. This girl's rainbow furry coat might actually only cost $19.99. A bargain and a lollipop!

(You can see the tag on the photo on the right, there.)

p.s. In other important Kids Fashion Week news, Diddy's twin daughters D'Lila and Jessie walked in the Swarovski show.

And Diddy summed it up with a hashtag: #ProudDad.