23 Brands Caught In Sweatshop Scandals

Everyone from J. Crew to Victoria's Secret to the Kardashian empire. If you don't shop at one of these stores, you probably know someone who does.

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10. Walmart spoke up and said that their supplier's use of the Rana Plaza factory was unauthorized.


Following the latest disaster, Walmart, along with Gap and H&M, met with labor groups in Germany this week to discuss how to better prevent future disasters.

17. Even the U.S. Military encountered allegations of sweatshop use in 2000, according to the Global Labour Rights Organization.


The organization alleged women in Nicaragua were paid pennies for each pair of jeans they made for military members.

20. Along with Nordstrom and Gymboree, J.Crew settled a class-action lawsuit brought by workers in "America's worst sweatshop" — the U.S. territory of Saipan — in 2006.


The lawsuit alleged "there were beatings, forced abortions, vermin-infested quarters, barbed wire and armed guards," at the factories. Clothing made in Saipan comes with the "Made in the USA" label.

23. And after "an undisclosed settlement" made between the brand and workers, a judge dismissed a lawsuit that Alexander Wang's factory in New York was run under sweatshop-like conditions.


This is the problem with sweatshop claims — many are hard to verify, and some are merely rumor.