16 Important Fashion Moments From Brandy & Monica’s “The Boy Is Mine” Music Video

“You need to give it up; I’ve had about enough. It’s not hard to see these silk pajamas are mine.”

Jerry Springer is not even a little bit ready for the style that’s about to be on show.

1. There’s when Brandy wore these unflattering wide-legged silky pajama pants.

2. And paired them with a pair of chunky, plastic wedge-heeled sandals. Remember when those were a thing?

3. Speaking of horribly unattractive sandals:

4. But let’s give Monica credit for her bicep jewelry. It’s a nice touch.

5. More silky pajamas! Gold ones, paired with something purple — and also shiny.

6. And here’s sassy librarian Monica, also in pajamas.

Sassy librarian Monica will read you… a book!

7. The best part of this outfit is how she keeps her reading glasses (does she even need glasses?) hanging on a strand of faux-pearls for the rest of her bedroom scene.


Please take note that letting a plastic rose float in your fishbowl is très chic, also.

9. And a shiny, shiny bronze men’s shirt.

Everything in this video is certainly slick, in the sense that it looks like it’s covered in a cheap, greasy sheen. Delightful!

10. This is MEKHI PHIFER, pre-ER! Amazing! Also, pretty sure the “HF” on his blingy pendant stands for “high fashion.”

If it’s not that it’ll be “holy fuck,” as in “holy fuck what was my agent thinking?”

11. That’s not some dust on your screen, I promise. Monica really does have a little silver bindi on her forehead in one scene.

12. And Brandy really is wearing what amounts to a turtleneck sweater, just without the sweater part.

13. This is the part of the video where Brandy’s best girlfriends come over to support her amid the relationship drama. As you can see, they were not told to dress up for the occasion.

14. Neither were Monica’s pals. The girl on the right came right from the gym, in fact.


15. If they weren’t fighting over a boy, Brandy and Monica would totally be calling each other up and being like, “can you believe she wore that?”

I mean, honestly, what’s the point of social interactions if you can’t critique peoples’ clothes afterwards?

16. Also, here’s Monica working a skirt slit high enough to rival that Angelina look a full decade earlier.

This is not just a fashion moment, it’s a CULTURAL one. Because “The Boy Is Mine” remains wonderful.


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