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    15 Terrible Blackface Fashion Moments

    This is still happening. It really shouldn't be.

    Vogue Netherlands featured blackface in an editorial from their May 2013 issue.

    That's May 2013, not, say May 1913 — and even then, it would have likely been viewed as inappropriate. (The magazine's stylists also left the model with wild, unkempt black hair.)

    The debacle marks the latest in an unfortunately long line of fashion folks appropriating blackface for "edgy" shoots, flagrant publicity stunts and, perhaps worst of all, simply because actual black models remain scarce enough that finding one is a hassle. Here, a roundup including many of the worst recent (and some repeat) offenders.

    1. May 2013, Vogue Netherlands

    2. February 2013, Numéro

    3. November 2012, Illamasqua Australia

    4. September 2012, Vivienne Westwood at Paris Fashion Week

    5. April 2012, Lie Sang Bong at Seoul Fashion Week

    6. February 2011, L'Officiel Paris

    7. October 2010, Numéro

    8. June 2010, Stern Fotografie

    9. February 2010, L'Officiel Hommes

    10. November 2009, V

    11. October 2009, America's Next Top Model

    12. October 2009, Vogue Paris

    13. July 2008, Vogue Italia

    14. August 2007, i-D

    15. February 2006, Vogue Italia