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13 Ridiculously Patriotic Outfits Worn To The Olympic Park

If you're going to use clothes to turn yourself into a flag, the Olympics is obviously the place to do it.

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Many ticket holders to Olympic matches are patriotic — and would like you to know that! They hardly have to shout "Go team *insert name of home country here*," and so forth, for you to know just how excited they are about supporting their home country's athletes. Their clothes do that quite well for them. Some express their team spirit by simply wearing their national colors, others drape a flag over their shoulders like a cape. Here are some of the decked out folks I met during day four of the Games who really took their sports fandom to the next level.


Finally, here's one bonus grainy cell-phone snap from the London Underground. Why support just one country when you can wear your love for them all? (And yes, that's the Californian state flag in there.)