14 Looks From Givenchy’s Amazing New Men’s Resort Collection

A whole line of clothing inspired by the Kim Kardashian couch meme. And personally, I can’t wait to be mistaken for a three-seater sofa on my next beach vacation.

I can’t get over how brilliant these clothes are. Ridiculous, but brilliant.

2. Couch with optional leather armrests.


3. Couch with one of those creepy plastic covers.

4. Hipster couch with camouflage accents.

5. Couch with mismatched cushions.

Let’s all look forward to seeing Justin Bieber in a pair of these bizarre dropped-crotch pants. If you squint a little, it looks like there’s a frog splayed across this model’s groin.

6. Not a couch but let’s just briefly consider the irony of a designer “favela chic” T-shirt.

7. Army reservist couch.

8. Army reservist couch déjà vu.

9. Polar expedition army reservist couch.

With sequins, because that’s a good representation of the way glaciers sparkle in sunlight. Or, you know, because sequins.

10. Alternate polar expedition army reservist couch.

(You know, in case someone else is wearing the first set of home furnishings.)

11. Post DADT-repeal army reservist couch.

12. Don’t even worry about this because Kanye West has pre-ordered it already.


13. And don’t worry about this either, because Amanda Seyfried already wore it better.

14. Also, some formalwear.

STILL WITH MANDALS. Studded mandals.

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