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12 Baby Animals Distracting Liam Payne During One Direction's "Teen Vogue" Cover Shoot

An exclusive investigation into why he's not focused on the camera.

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But while Zayn, Harry, Louis and Niall are all staring right at the camera and deep into their fans' souls (I feel Zayn's gaze, like always), Liam seems distracted. HE'S LOOKING ELSEWHERE.

Courtesy of Teen Vogue

Don't worry, Liam doesn't actually have Cyclops-style X-Men powers (that we know of). These "beams" are just to illustrate where he's actually looking.


This clever bunny hid in a box of hairspray or something, just so they could get on set and swoon.


Don't worry — that expression looks sad but really it's just being overwhelmed at seeing the band, all of them, in the flesh. You'd get wide-eyed and weepy too, so don't pretend otherwise.


While this cunning little pug puppy didn't take any chances, and bribed his way in. That's fandom for you, fandom done right.


And most importantly, this baby hedgehog who's sashaying out of the Teen Vogue fashion closet in this season's must-have hat.

Except, oh wait, British GQ just took serious, close-up shots without a single, sparkly kitten in sight.

It's babysteps for the GQ reader then: first the boybands and then the cute pets.


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