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17 "Will & Grace" Moments That Were Just Downright Savage

"When you cry, you're ugly, sweetheart."

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1. When Karen reminded someone where they came from.

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2. When Grace was amazed by Will's productivity.

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3. When Karen couldn't help but call out bad plastic surgery.

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4. When Jack tried to spare his acting student from embarrassment.

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5. When Jack wanted to know how people saw him.

6. When Vince put Grace in her place.

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7. When Karen made this dark suggestion.

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8. When Will tried to be funny and Grace was all, "Pls stop."

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9. When Jack insulted an enemy and a competing show in one fell swoop.

10. When Karen made the threat to end all threats.

11. When Karen noticed something unusual.

12. When Jack explained the necessity of talking.

13. When Karen had some thoughts on Grace's clothing.

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14. When Will and Grace's relationship was the punchline.

15. When Grace explained to Karen why she's different.

16. When Karen saw an old friend.

17. And when they tried to compliment one another and this happened.

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