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    16 Tumblr Posts About "Shrek" That Are Ogre-Whelmingly Hilarious

    Shrek is love. Shrek is life.

    1. When Shrek was #lifegoals.

    2. This unsettling thought.

    3. The most amazing hybrid there ever was.

    4. This piece of bathroom poetry.

    5. This magnificent miscommunication, courtesy of the Jonas Brothers.

    6. A reminder of what could've been.

    7. This post that just might ruin your childhood.

    8. The footwear you never knew you needed.

    9. This homemaking pro-tip.

    10. Nectar of the (Ogre) Gods.

    11. The one where Shrek becomes a politician.

    12. This character description.

    13. This fantasy realized.

    14. This job interview that'll make you go, "Same."

    15. The most well-designed accessory.

    16. This post that kinda ruins the romantic aspects of the movie.