10 Ways Sherlock And Sheldon Cooper Are The Exact Same Person

They’re two of TV’s brightest minds, whose names both happen to start with S-h-e, but the similarities don’t stop there.

1. They’re both intelligent deep thinkers with the ability to push their minds to the limit.

There are always problems to be solved.

2. They love tea.

When someone is sad, you offer them a hot beverage.

3. They have mortal enemies out to get them.

Moriarty may be more dangerous than Kripke, but he can be just as menacing.

4. And romantic devotees … also out to get them.

Ironically, Amy has gotten farther with Sheldon than Molly Hooper could even imagine.

5. They can rock out.

6. And cut a rug.

7. But when they get drunk, it’s not pretty.

Shhh, he’s cluing for looks.

8. Though they can be a bit crotchety around most people.

wordpress.com / Via BBC

9. They have a special bond with their female neighbor.

wordpress.com / Via CBS

10. But above all, Sheldon and Sherlock both have a roommate and best friend they can’t live without.

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