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    10 Ways Sherlock And Sheldon Cooper Are The Exact Same Person

    They're two of TV's brightest minds, whose names both happen to start with S-h-e, but the similarities don't stop there.

    1. They're both intelligent deep thinkers with the ability to push their minds to the limit. / Via CBS / Via BBC

    There are always problems to be solved.

    2. They love tea. / Via CBS

    When someone is sad, you offer them a hot beverage.

    3. They have mortal enemies out to get them. / Via CBS / Via BBC

    Moriarty may be more dangerous than Kripke, but he can be just as menacing.

    4. And romantic devotees ... also out to get them. / Via CBS

    Ironically, Amy has gotten farther with Sheldon than Molly Hooper could even imagine.

    5. They can rock out.

    6. And cut a rug. / Via CBS

    7. But when they get drunk, it's not pretty. / Via BBC

    Shhh, he's cluing for looks.

    8. Though they can be a bit crotchety around most people. / Via BBC / Via CBS

    9. They have a special bond with their female neighbor. / Via CBS

    10. But above all, Sheldon and Sherlock both have a roommate and best friend they can't live without. / Via CBS
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