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    Here's How "You" Addressed Anti-Vaxxers In Season 3

    The series adds to the conversation around vaccinations.

    Last week, Netflix gave us more You madness with the big drop of Season 3. The latest season brings new obsessions, new murders, and a new Love.

    While Season 3 dropped a lot on our chests murder-wise (Love, get it together!), what I want to talk about is how the series took a loaded stab at the conversation around vaccinations.

    The vaccine-relevant commentary occurs in spades in Episode 3, when Joe and Love’s baby boy, Henry, is hospitalized after contracting the measles.

    Joe (Penn Badgley)  and Love (Victoria Pedretti) wear blue scrubs in the hospital. Caption reads, How? I thought the measles were eradicated

    A doctor in the episode tells them that Henry likely became exposed to the highly contagious infectious disease after exposure to a kid who was unvaccinated.

    A doctor in blue scrubs says, There are parents who don't have their kids vaccinated

    After this revelation, the people and parents who believe it's fine to walk this world without vaccinations suddenly become fair game to target on the show.

    The first target is Love's mom, Dottie Quinn, who suggests she's *pretty sure* she's been vaccinated. To this, Joe internally tosses out the dig, "Oh really, Ms. Peace, Love, and Yoni Eggs?"

    Joe (Penn Badgley)  looks annoyed. Caption of his thoughts reads, Oh, really Ms. Peace, Love and Yoni Eggs

    Next, Love discovers that her son actually contracted measles from an anti-vax neighbor named Gil — who fully knew his unvaccinated kids would be around an infant.

    Gil talks to Love (Victoria Pedretti). Caption of what he is saying reads, Can't tell you how sorry we are for exposing Henry

    (And the look that appears on Love during his explanation of why he hasn't had his kids vaccinated is the closest most of us will be able to relate to how her character must feel on a regular basis.)

    Love (Victoria Pedretti) looks upset. The caption of what Gil is saying offscreen reads, You see, we just don't believe in subjecting kids

    He explained, "You see, we just don't believe in subjecting kids to toxic injections they don't need."

    Gil's mouth is zoomed in. Caption of what he is saying reads, to toxic injections they don't need

    And because this is You, Gil's anti-vax sentiments get to Love in a way that is truly over the top.

    Gil has turned away from the screen with the back of his head aimed at us. The caption of what Love ( who is offscreen) is saying to him reads, "Hey, Gil?" The Caption of what Gil replies is Yep

    Literally she goes into a blind rage and knocks Gil out.

    Love (Victoria Pedretti) is wearing an apron in her bakery. She raises a rolling pin at Gil ready to hit him

    Surprisingly, in Episode 4, it's Joe — yes, Joe the stalker and murderer — who handles his frustrations over Gil's anti-vax sentiments with a bit more poise.

    Joe (Penn Badgley)  talks to Gil, who is offscreen. The caption of what he says reads, We will not tell a soul how you recklessly endangered our son

    But then Gil ruins it again by going operation Anti-Vax-Double-Down and spews more toxic misinformation about vaccines.

    Gil looks up at Joe, who is offscreen. The caption of what he says reads, Actually your son has naturally gained immunity, so

    And this is what we get from Joe:

    Joe (Penn Badgley) looks down at Gil, who is offscreen. The caption describes his action and reads, [knuckles cracking]

    All of this is to say that if you're still questioning whether or not you should get vaccinated...

    ...BB, get on board!! You clearly isn't into anti-vax vibes, and, yes, vaccines save lives!