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    Here's What We're Hoping To See On The "Legends Of The Hidden Temple" Reboot

    Just please no temple guards.

    Legends of the Hidden Temple, the classic Nickelodeon reality adventure series from the '90s, is coming back to wreak havoc and instill fear in us all!

    The competition show, which originally aired from 1993 to 1995, is getting a revival series that will air on The CW and feature an all-adult cast.

    The new series has been described as "a supersized and reimagined adult version" of the Nickelodeon show — which was largely inspired by the Indiana Jones movie franchise.

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    While various outlets, including Variety, have reported on the details of the series, I still have my sights on what I hope the series brings back and does even better! Including:

    1. The Shrine of the Silver Monkey puzzle

    2. The Moat Filled With Mystery Liquid

    3. Those Tricky Trivia Steps of Knowledge

    4. The ever-winning Silver Snakes and the cool shirts

    5. Speaking of, those shirts!

    6. The ultimate final round

    7. Easter eggs out the wazoo