Reddit Is Sharing The Biggest Lies That Had Them Feeling Exposed When The Truth Came Out

    Why are y'all getting caught watching adult content?

    Look, we're all guilty of telling lies every once in a while. Whether it's to get out of work, get out of trouble, or get out of a friend date, we've all subjected our friends, family, and bosses to some of the worst, most pathetic, most outlandish fibs.

    Reddit user u/danlee knows this truth and decided to help people get their worst and most embarrassing falsehoods off their chest by asking the question, "What is your most embarrassing exposed lie ever?"

    The answers led to a treasure trove of lies and fibs more wild and embarrassing than the ones you told your parents to get out of doing your chores.

    Check them out:

    1. "My parents told me this story numerous times while I was growing up. When I was little, my parents used to call me their little princess, it was just a pet name, no big deal."

    2. "I told my friends about this sexy girl I boinked on a summer trip 500 miles away. I even showed them a picture, but it was of a friend who lived 20 miles away."

    3. "When I was in high school, my family had one computer and it was in the basement. I spent an ungodly number of nights sneaking down there after everyone had gone to sleep so I could look at porn on the internet. I deleted the browser history and cookies, covering my tracks as best I could."

    4. "My dad found my computer porn stash. This was back before the web and maybe even before Windows 3.0 was out, but porn still existed on BBSs. So I have my pictures saved on the computer but hidden with the 'attrib -h' command. This way, they never show up and you pretty much have to know the file name to view them."

    5. "I was probably 13 or 14. My older sister had an AOL account paid for by her boyfriend. He didn't give me one, so she let me (or I just did) use hers. I would regularly have lesbian cybersex with this one 'girl,' all the time reminding her never to message me anything dirty out of the blue because it was my 'little sister's' account."

    6. "Met up with an ex-girlfriend who I was still secretly pining for a year after we had ended things on a rather mediocre note. So I'm trying my hardest to sound relaxed and aloof and not needy or clingy, and in a fit of 'inspiration,' I decided to tell her I had traveled abroad in the year since — not just traveled, but also got involved with a girl on that trip as well. (I might as well come clean and admit that I was old enough to know better than to embellish the lie further, but hey, I went for broke.)"

    7. "When I was about 15 or 16, I started looking at porn on the family computer, which was located in the living room. I did it when I got home from school and before my parents and brothers got home from work and school. (These were the dial-up days, when the progress bar crawled like a diabetic cat across a desert.) After a few months, I had figured out what sites to go to, what sites would probably freeze the computer, the best way to clean up, and the amount of time I had before they got home. I started to consider myself to be pretty ninja-esque with my porn-surfing-history deleting practices."

    8. "Haha, oh man. Back in the AOL days, I had figured out how to use HTML and host my own page on my AOL screen name's space or whatever. I made this cool website with awesome animated GIFs and everything. Then I had this genius idea: This background I was using was the perfect color to obscure links."

    9. "My professor told us this one: Before he started teaching and doing research, he worked at his parents' Teriyaki Kitchen (he graduated from university and was looking for a job). He applied to a large-scale software company and got selected for an interview."

    10. "When I was around 14 or 15, I started mucking about with weed. We used to smoke a little on a morning before school sometimes because, you know, we were really cool and hard and proper rebels and all that."

    11. "In seventh grade, I was standing behind my math teacher when I saw him typing in the password to his personal email. I saw what he typed and got really excited with my power."

    12. "When I was 16, two friends and I decided to skip town and drive to New York City for the weekend (we lived in Minnesota). I was living with my grandparents at the time and knew FOR SURE they would never approve of such a trek (they once had me stay home during a storm because of the dangers of lightning). I told them, and my parents, that we were driving to Chicago instead."

    13. "I was hitting my bong in my room with the window open, and I could USUALLY detect when someone was walking down the hall so I'd have enough time to stash everything and look like I was just chillin' normally. But one day my dad must've caught on, and he silently crept up to my door, knocked, and asked if I was there. I panicked, ripped out of my skull, said yes, and he came in and saw me with the bong, RIGHT after I'd just ripped a huge bowl."

    14. "The Relay for Life was going on, and it was nothing more than an excuse for me to hang out with friends all night long and get as drunk/high as possible. My mom wanted me to bring her and my sister, but I talked my way out of it somehow."

    15. "I lied and told a friend from high school that I was mugged outside my brother's apartment in the New York neighborhood we both lived in. I don't know why. I think I wanted her to be impressed that I had gone from our small town to a big, dangerous city."

    16. "In sixth grade, we were required to write in a journal every day. The teacher encouraged us to be completely honest when writing. So I wrote entry after entry about how ridiculously in love I was with my classmate Christine. Hearts with arrows, drawings of her face, etc. It was BAD."

    17. "In eighth grade, we were allowed to bring home our graded tests and make corrections to our wrong answers for additional credit. One night I forgot to do them."

    18. "In fifth grade, our teacher would give out these little pink slips if we didn't do our homework assignment, which we were supposed to take home for our parents to sign. I've never been one for homework, even back in fifth I had a ton of pink slips. And I forged my mom's signature on all of them."

    19. "I'm half Greek. Many people who are born into a particular ethnic background learn to speak that language. However, my mum is Italian, so the common language was we all spoke English at home."

    20. "My girlfriend at the time had just moved in with me, so things were starting to take a more serious turn relationship-wise. She was a nurse and sometimes worked night shifts, which usually meant I'd spend the evening at home alone or occasionally go out for a beer. One night happened to be a work-related end-of-year party (called a bonenkai, popular in Japan, where I live). Our company had rented a large area of a restaurant, but some tables were still open to the public."

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.