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    Y'all The Family Drama Being Stirred Up By Companies Like 23andMe Needs An Oprah Special

    "They make lizard sounds when I’m around and I am ashamed."

    Eventually, we all learn the tough lesson that family can be a hell of a thing.

    Actors on SNL play Tiffany, Eric and Donald Trump Jr.

    We can't always choose, or even love, the family we have. But in today's age of DNA testing and matching, we sure can uncover some ugly truths and stir up some pretty insane stories. Reddit user u/gonegirlss knows this well. They have to, because recently they asked, "People whose families have been destroyed by 23andme and other DNA sequencing services, what went down?" And if you thought last year's Thanksgiving dinner conversation with your family was weird...wait until you see these responses.

    1. "My 75-year-old grandmother just found out her dad was not her real dad. Turns out her mom had an affair with the family doctor and never told a single soul."

    2. "I discovered that I have some of the highest-known Neanderthal DNA, more than 99% of users and over 4% of my total DNA. Three tests were submitted, and a flight was provided to a university in Australia for testing. "

    3. "I just got off the phone with my newly found bio dad. My mom died in 1980, my dad in 2012. I logged Friday into ancestrydna to get my results from their Black Friday sale. It said that this person in North Carolina was my father, no doubt."

    4. "This one is still fresh and happened in September. I'm 25, and I've told this story a couple of times in r/adopted. In September, I found my birth mother. We talked, and she invited the man I thought was my birth father to dinner and my older brother who was from the same parents — and we were adopted by the same family and grew up together — came too."

    5. "My aunt is 60-plus years old now. When she was 18, she claimed she was raped by her uncle, and he got her pregnant. No one believed her; she became a heroin addict, lost contact.

    6. "Spouse found out his dad wasn't his dad. His judgmental holier-than-thou Catholic mom had some explaining to do."

    7. "I have a friend who found out his family-first, godly Christian grandfather had fathered four children outside his marriage with three different neighbors."

    8. "Lived next door to my best friend and her family all through my childhood and young-adult life. Graduated from high school, my friend and I had a weekend bender to celebrate, and hooked up, started dating. Fast-forward a few years to late November this year, we decide to try a test, just for shits and/or giggles."

    9. "Not me, but my wife. She got a match with someone that didn't make sense. She reached out to them, and it turns out she has a brother that she didn't know about. Turns out her scummy dad cheated on her mom when my wife was very young, and that produced a son."

    10. "My dad was born in 1941. HIS dad died in 1945 at the tail end of World War II, in Italy. His mom was young and took up with another man, leaving Florida, and leaving my dad with her brother and his wife, who raised him."

    11. "Not destroyed's odd. I learned my father was not my biological father. He died a few months before I took the test, but apparently, he knew and didn't want me to know. I didn't get the chance to tell him it didn't matter. Also apparently my mom doesn't know my bio-father's name either, since it's been over 30 years."

    12. "Two of my cousins found out by they had two different fathers. One is in their late 40s, and the other one is in her early 50s. All of their life, they thought they were half Italian. They both did Fast-forward to a couple of months and they both get their results a few days apart."

    13. "My brother got our whole family 23andMe kits for Christmas last year. Everyone did the swab and got their results back, which showed how we’re all related and yada yada yada, but my results came back inconclusive."

    14. "Both sides of the family were affected by it. My dad, who passed away 15 years ago, fathered a kid when he was 19 and never knew about it. My half-brother found out and reached out to me on Facebook. We’ve actually developed a neat relationship even though he’s 20-plus years older than me."

    15. "So, let me preface this by saying that I was adopted in an open adoption, and so have maintained some contact with my bio family my whole life. They're wackos, but you know, good to know in case of health stuff.

    16. "This one is still fresh and happened in September. I'm 25, and I've told this story a couple of times in r/adopted. In September, I found my birth mother."

    Do you have a crazy DNA discovery story? Share it with us below!

    *Note: Some answers have been lightly edited for length and/or clarity.