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This Idina Fan Will Melt Your Heart And Your Ears

At last night's Idina Menzel concert in NJ, she invited fans onstage to sing Take Me Or Leave Me. Nobody expected the pipes on this fan.

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Fan wows crowd with his enthusiasm

Alexandra Finger / Via

Idina Menzel kicked off her world tour in May, and last night she performed at the PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ.

About halfway through the night, Idina busted out a little bit of Take Me Or Leave Me from RENT, and then came down into the audience, inviting fans to sing with her! She first tapped a fella with superhuman pipes (he's on the right in the video,) then a little girl in an Elsa costume who adorably tried to play along. Finally she invited this fine fellow to the stage. His enthusiasm makes up for his talent, but maybe taking a selfie before the song was over is a little too enthusiastic? Either way, the crowd loved him just as much as the fans with great voices. Way to go, buddy.

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