15 Bunnies That Think They Are SO SPECIAL

It happens every year. Easter is coming, and rabbits everywhere get their giant fluffy egos stroked. Well, enjoy it while it lasts, buns, because we are on to you.

1. Get up off your tail and be a productive member of society, rabbit.

2. Oh, you are SUCH a trendsetter. *cough*GRASSHAT*cough*

3. Seriously, no one is falling for it, jerkbox.

4. You know that your nose is LITERALLY in the air, right?? Stop being such a sterotype uhhggg

6. Ew dude, I can hear you laughing at me! I’M RIGHT HERE I CAN HEAR YOU

7. Stop it, everyone knows you dont have thumbs. You are just embarrassing yourself.

8. Brush your hair, hipster.

9. You can drop the British accent, we know you’re from Hoboken.

10. I could totally do that, but I don’t want to.

11. Well I hope yer proud of yourself, you pompous muckity-muck.

12. Seriously, people are staring.

14. Yeah, we get it, you are sooooo meta

15. That’s it. You can get your own ride home, I’m leaving.

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