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The Range Of Emotions You Feel While Playing Zelda: Ocarina Of Time

Because we all know you don't mess with Ocarina of Time. It's a serious thing.

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Utter rage when you're in the middle of something and hear "Hey, Listen!"


Yes, Navi, it DOES look like you can climb this wall.

Pure anxiety while trying to sneak past the castle guards


Please don't make me go back to the beginning!

Having to run all the way across Hyrule field


There's gotta be a better way!

But then you win Epona...


...and ride majestically into the night.

When any monster falls on you from the ceiling

Collecting all the rupees in one clean swoop during the diving game in Zora's Domain


Oh sorry, was that supposed to be a challenge?

Completing the Big Goron sword challenge with seconds to spare

The Water Temple.


Enough said.

When your owl guide Kaepora Gaebora tricks you into hearing what he has to say for a second time


He knows you be just smashing the A button...

When you name Link something dirty and Zelda says "it sounds familiar somehow"


Because we're all secretly 12

When you prove yourself as the Hero of Time, yet again


Time for Master Quest!

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