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Gifs To Perfectly Capture Every Emotion When Texting Your Crush

You don't have to admit it, but you know deep down that this is you.

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When you send a risky text

Dreamworks / Via ReactionGIFs

Waiting for a response

AMC / Via IMGArcade

When they reply and it's better than you hoped


When you haven't heard from them in days, so you immediately write them off

Via WetPaint

"I didn't even like them that much anyway..."

But then you're like, "Oh wait, false alarm..."

Via ReactionGIFs

Turns out they were out of the country...

When they're super active on social media, but haven't responded to you

E! / Via Tumblr


When they triple text you and you're now no longer interested

Via Giphy

Because there's a fine line between interested and thirsty AF.

When they use any emoji that can be construed as cutesy

Via GIFSec

"He said goodnight with the heart-eyed cat!!!"

When they text you and your friends see their name pop up on your phone

Via Totally-TaylorGIFs

When they respond with "k"

Via Imgur

But then they're super flirtatious and you assume something must be wrong with them

Via JefferyKardashian

When your textual frustration finally gets the better of you

Via WiffleGIF

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