17 Times ‘Daddy Issues’ On Instagram Perfectly Summed Up Your Life

Girls who make good life decisions need not apply.

17. You essentially have to pencil this in every Saturday and Sunday from 11-4.

15. Our taste in men leaves something to be desired.

14. So I’ve woken up in unfamiliar places once or twice, what of it?

13. I’ve literally said these words.

12. Sometimes you’ve just earned it.

11. You’re supposed to be used to my passive aggression by now.

10. Like, bitch please. We both know that’s never going to happen.

9. Life choices aren’t really our forté

8. Phones should have better failsafes…

I mean, a math question! Anything!

7. It’s quite an alarming thing to see when you open your phone…

6. Tomorrow is a new day tho

5. Goonies never say “diet”

4. I think I’ll have this embroidered on a pillow

3. Vodka is my one true love.

And I never have to worry about him texting me back because he’s in my field of vision at all times.

2. No rly what did u guys do

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