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15 Emotions You Feel While Taking Transit In Toronto

The TTC is an enemy to us all...

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1. When 6 streetcars pass you at 8am and don't stop because they're too full

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2. When someone stands in front of an empty seat and doesn't sit down

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The subway is packed to capacity. Don't you realize you'll make more room if you sit down?

3. When the Rocket Man app says the nearest bus is 17 minutes away

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No it's okay, I didn't need to get to work today.

4. When the 501 short turns at Dufferin

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5. When someone stops directly in front of you on the escalator

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6. When you're face to face with a stranger on a packed subway car

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I feel so close to you right now...

7. When all of your transfers line up perfectly

Via CollegeTimes

8. When there's actually a seat

9. When the backdoors of the streetcar can't close because someone is standing on them, yet they refuse to get off and wait for the next car


Would you like to call my boss and explain why I am late?

10. Buying your metro pass


11. Yonge and Bloor at 5pm on a Friday

Via Mashable

Urge to kill....rising....

12. When you see your streetcar in the distance...

13. ...but then it short turns right in front of you

Via Giphy

14. When you're wearing your head phones and hear the driver make an announcement


Do I need to get off?!?!

15. Reaching the end of your journey


You earned it.

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