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This Dude Knits Sweaters Of Places, Then Visits Them

He's knitting his way around the world.

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This Man Visits Places He Knits On His Own Sweaters

Sam Barsky / Via Facebook: colorknit

Sam Barsky has knitted 103 pictorial sweaters. All of which depict landmarks and places across the world. From Stonehenge and the Golden Gate Bridge to a shark tank and a telephone pole. It's something he started back in 2000 and hasn't stopped doing since.

Barsky told Mashable that he "started knitting in March 1999 and made two solid colored sweaters followed from a pattern."

Sam Barsky / Via Facebook: colorknit

Here's Barsky wearing his self-knitted sweater of Stonehenge in front of ACTUAL Stonehenge. Super ~meta~.

Barsky has explained that it wasn't until a year after knitting his first sweater that he decided to freestyle his sweaters and create his own illustrated sweater.

"After that was a success, I've been knitting sweaters like that one after another, featuring either generic scenery or specific landmarks. Anything that crosses my eyes is a potential sweater," he explained.

Sam Barsky / Via Facebook: colorknit

In a recent interview with the TODAY show, Barsky explained that he'd previously knitted his sweaters based off of places he'd already visited. "Now I'm doing them before going to a certain place,'' Barsky told TODAY. "At first I was just doing it unconsciously, but then I decided to make that an intentional form of art."

Sam Barsky / Via Facebook: colorknit

So far, Barsky has 91 photos of himself wearing sweaters that match the places he is visiting.

"Pretty much anything that crosses my eye is a possible sweater,'' Barsky told TODAY. "There's always something new to be inspired by."

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