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    26 Nature Photos You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped

    How are these real?!

    1. The Wave in North Coyote Buttes, Arizona

    2. Hutt Lagoon, Western Australia

    Greenantphoto / Getty Images

    The pink color is a "result of micro-organisms in the salt lake which produce [tons] of beta-carotene."

    3. Hamilton Pool, Texas

    Flickr: dawilson / Creative Commons

    4. Abraham Lake, Alberta

    Emmanuel Coupe-Kalomiris / Via

    Those formations under the frozen lake are actually methane bubbles. Per Smithsonian:

    "Methane bubbles form in bodies of water when dead organic matter (leaves and animals) falls into the water and sinks to the bottom, to the delight of bacteria waiting below. The bacteria munches on the matter and poops out methane, which turns to white floating blobs when it comes into contact with frozen water."

    5. The Northern Lights

    Aiisha5 / Getty Images

    6. Ice cave, Iceland

    Surangaw / Getty Images

    7. Lake Hillier, Australia

    Getty Images

    8. Terraced rice field, Yuanyang Hani, China

    Jasonksleung / Getty Images

    9. Bioluminescence on the shore of Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

    Doug Perrine / Barcroft Media / Landov

    The bioluminescence effect here is from microscopic glowing plankton washing onto the beach. You can read more about bioluminescence here, and you should, 'cause it's amazinnnnng.

    10. Lake Natron, Tanzania

    Derejeb / Getty Images

    11. Stone Forest, Madagascar

    Andreygudkov / Getty Images

    12. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

    Suppalakklabdee / Getty Images

    13. Marble Caves in Lake Carrera, Patagonia, Chile

    Flickr: jvieras / Creative Commons

    14. Huanglong Scenic Valley in Sichuan, China

    Flickr: ist4u / Creative Commons

    15. Dry river beds, eastern Afghanistan

    Roberto Schmidt / AFP / Getty Images

    16. The Great Blue Hole, Belize

    17. Lenticular cloud sunset over the Sierra Nevadas

    Jeff Sullivan / Via

    18. Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon, Iceland

    Shirophoto / Getty Images

    19. Fire rainbow in Nepal

    Фтещт Нфтлщмнш / Wikimedia Commons / Via

    20. Fly Geyser, Nevada

    Denny Thurston / Getty Images

    21. Multnomah Falls, Oregon

    Sam Camp / Getty Images

    22. Clamouse cave in Saint-Jean-de-Fos, France

    AFP / Getty Images

    23. Sossusvlei, Namibia

    Rob_weir / Getty Images

    24. Guilin, China

    Tongro Image Stock / Getty Images

    25. Cathedral Cove Sea Cave, New Zealand

    26. Thor's Well, Oregon

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