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    21 Ways You Are Joey Ramone

    Gabba gabba heyyyyyyyyy.

    This is Jeffrey Ross Hyman, aka Joey Ramone. He was a rock star. But he was also super relatable.

    1. Like maybe you'd like to think you look cool and badass, but you know you're ultimately a doofus.

    2. With a refined goofy side.

    3. You can also be sensitive and sorta shy.

    4. So sensitive.

    5. Maybe 'cause one of your friends stole your girlfriend?

    6. But really, you're just cool being you.

    7. You're a t-shirt and jeans person. Always.

    8. You just wanna be silly and have fun.

    9. And hang out with your friends.

    10. It might be awkward-looking fun, but still.

    11. Most of your actions scream, "I'm not 100% comfortable in my own skin, but hellllllo there, let's give it a shot."

    12. You do like to cut loose now and then.

    13. And secretly like being the center of attention sometimes.

    14. You know that life can be kinda boring.

    15. And confusing.

    16. No matter how old you get, your wardrobe stays 16.

    17. You inspire admiration from likeminded misfits.

    18. You can be a space cadet.

    19. You appreciate the simple things in life.

    20. Like pizza.

    21. And cats.

    So thank you for being you, Joey. You were the best.