19 Pictures That Scream “Dad”

So many white crew socks.

1. White New Balances.

2. With white crew socks.

3. T-shirts with a random company’s logo on them.

4. Briefcases with a random company’s logo on them.

5. Transition lenses.

6. Cell phone belt clips.

Pool / Getty Images

7. Those gladiator sandal things.

8. Tucked-in polo shirts.

Lisa F. Young / Getty Images

9. T-shirts with the word “dad” in there somewhere.

11. Sunglasses with lanyards.

12. Sunglasses on top of their hats.

14. Tommy Bahama shirts tucked into khakis.

15. Those black socks with the gold toes.

17. Those weird four-button polos.

Buttoned all the way to the top, obviously.

18. Crisp jean shorts.

19. A keychain with 900 keys on it.

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