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    35 Tiny And Subtle Tattoo Ideas

    So pretty.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to show us their tiny, tasteful tattoos. Here are the must-have results.


    "I have a 'J' tattooed on my wrist for the love of my life who passed away and the kindest abuelito in the world." β€”izzit


    "A tiny little spark!" β€”alephx


    "Perfect sister tattoo. Mathematical sign of congruence. We are the same blood, but different people." β€”addarifrancesca


    "My zodiac sign, Leo :)" β€”hannae4fccf22a9


    "This is my Peter Pan tattoo. Located on my right wrist, this leads me to Neverland. Second star to the right and straight on 'til morning." β€”andyc46b2068e8


    "Got this as a reminder to always look forward and don't let things drag you down β€” it means transcend!" β€”samanthas1995


    "Sewing needle for my mum who passed away three years ago." β€”finalyearpando


    "I got this tattoo in memory of my best friend. It has a double meaning: We are both swimmers and one of his favorite songs was 'Swim' by Jack's Mannequin." β€”alainapotts


    "My sister and I were both born on the 13th." β€”miav44d4acca8


    "In June of 2015, one of my best friends died in a tragic car accident. We worked together for five years and every payday she would write notes on the paychecks of mine and my other coworkers. Three days before she died, she scribbled 'I love you' on my paycheck. I got it tattooed on me a week later." β€”kelseybedoya


    "On my 21st birthday, I went up the mountains to see the the oldest and one of the last traditional tattoo artists in my country. The tattoo is of a scorpion, a warrior's symbol. Tattoos placed on the upper back (called 'dakag') were traditionally reserved for the most formidable of warriors. A person with a dakag is expected to live up to the tattoo he/she has. This is me commanding myself to face life with a warrior's heart." β€”d47fe6f748


    "Sibling tattoo I got in Madrid, Spain." β€”carlygillet


    "I have two puppies so I got two paw prints. These pups mean the world to me and my husband." β€”r48a96532e


    "Cute little Saturn." β€”gnarlyy182



    "My three best friends and I got matching tattoos of four hearts connected behind our ears." β€”morganrose



    "I got this as a promise to myself and God to be true to myself and live my best life." β€”mirandaj47e2e55a1


    "A shooting star symbolizing new beginnings :)" β€”wildhoneybee06


    "It represents the place where I feel most at home, where I feel at peace, where I've built incredible friendships, and learned so much about myself." β€”chloecrist


    "The sea has always played an important part in my life, and as we can't swim and enjoy the seaside year round here in Estonia, I wanted a piece of the sea to always be with me." β€”lebachmann


    "Minimal sailboat." β€”d48f591655


    "The planets (including Pluto!)." β€”kaitlynr43e8b924e


    "One of several I have, but hits me in my sweet spot. It says 'READ' in Braille and as a librarian it makes me happy to have it." β€”weasel78


    "Harry Potter page stars. Because I'm a nerd, but I'm being subtle about it." β€”nataliep478ef6b7b


    "Equality." β€”leighe40988bf8f


    "A scaled-down copy of my cat's paw. She passed away last year and the vet sent an ink print with the condolences. She had been with me nearly every day for 17 years so now a part of her is with me forever." β€”melissab42117418d


    "My unalome tattoo." β€”joannar13


    "My take on a semicolon tattoo. I wanted it to look more geometric and less punctuational." β€”ashleym40029f310


    "A fish. For my grandparents, who loved fishing, and for my faith. It is the real copy of a temporary tattoo for a radio station I used to work for." β€”k48811839b


    "My husband and I got these triangles at a time when we were feeling closer than ever in our marriage. The two bottom angles represent the two of us and the top is God in our relationship." β€”lg89


    "Harry Potter sister tattoos." β€”hannahe4b503c884


    "Wings on the sides of my middle finger. Not intentionally for 'flipping the bird'...happy accident. I just really wanted wings on my finger." β€”erinmpeyton


    "When I was younger my family called me 'Sunshine,' so I got a small sun tattoo." β€”shannonmaureena


    "I could get into the symbolism of the waxing crescent (growing, evolving, etc.), but I really just find the shape, with its curves at points, aesthetically pleasing.

    And maybe I watched a lot of Sailor Moon as a kid." β€”katelynam

    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.