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    17 Funny, Pure, And Relatable TikToks I Saw This Week

    A recycling bird, a dog-only swimming pool, and Sexy Dr. Phil. TikTok is weird and perfect.

    1. We'll start with this truly inspirational bird. Be more like this bird.

    2. Replace all history text books with TikTok.

    I’m never deleting TikTok from my phone 😂😂😂

    3. This filtered Nicki lip sync proves we live in truly wild times.

    4. A world of true mystery.

    I downloaded tik tok so I could follow the kombucha girl but I think I found my new favorite video on the internet

    5. 🙃

    It’s official, I love Tiktok 🥴

    6. Kobe!!!

    7. Honestly you could just follow dogs on TikTok and you'd be fine.

    It happened. I found the perfect TikTok video

    8. I mean.....THE BEST.

    this is the best thing i've ever seen (sour.melon/tiktok)

    9. The creativity truly astounds.

    10. The positivity shimmers.

    11. The visionaries, they are everywhere.

    Black and white horror films in the 20’s invented in-camera tricks using colored lights to transform an actors face. And this week a teen on tiktok re-invented the technique

    12. The exuberance!!

    this man boppin' to @lizzo is a vibe

    13. ** quick dog break **

    i cant tell you how many times a day i think about this tiktok

    14. ** quick dance break **

    15. Sure, there's a lot of dancing on TikTok, but the EDITING, y'all! A joy.

    16. Did I mention dogs are great?

    why does your horse sit like that?

    17. And to bring it all home... Sexy Dr. Phil.

    def dressing as sexy dr. phil for halloween