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    This Dog Will Teach You How To Drink From A Water Fountain

    Pay close attention.

    Feel free to start things off slowly. This water's not goin' anywhere.

    Stare out into the middle distance with steely determination. LET THE DRINKING BEGIN.

    OK now get right in there.

    Ahhhh, maybe the water pressure is intense or it's really cold or something, but it's OK, don't be deterred. This is YOUR TIME.

    Shoot, hold on a sec, it appears I've lost the stream. COME BAAAAAACK.

    THERE it is.

    Pro tip: when you're drinking water from a fountain, no one can tell when you're also slobbering. Use this new knowledge with discretion.

    Sorry, I'm a little distracted right now.

    *literally no thoughts happening*

    Aaaaand that's all it takes. L8r suckers!

    All photos via Tumblr user generic-jackal.