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This Corgi Really, Really Loves Running On A Carousel

And his name is Meatball. *faints with joy*

Meet Meatball.

And his owner Carter Grebbien, the man setting everything in motion.

Meatball is a five year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who loves carousels.

Look at 'im go!

There's no obstacle he can't conquer en route to carousel running bliss.

IMPECCABLE timing, Meatball, impeccable.

Here's some Carter Cam.

Adorable from all angles.

"Never stop, never stop, never stop, never stop." — Meatball

Later buddy! Your enthusiasm is contagious and I salute you. #teammeatball

Watch the whole video, because OBVIOUSLY.

View this video on YouTube

H/t Stellar

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