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19 Things You Can't Say Without Sounding Like A Tool

Even if they're true.

1. "I only like their early stuff."

2. "I went to Harvard."

3. "I don't own a TV."

4. "I'm working on a novel."

5. "I only like dark chocolate."

6. "When I was in Europe…"

7. "I tweeted this the other day, but…"

8. "I read this really interesting article..."

9. "I just feel so much better when I'm doing yoga."

10. "I think I found my soulmate."

11. "I don't really listen to the radio… except for NPR."

12. "E-books just don't feel the same."

13. "I'm on the Master Cleanse right now."

14. "I only shop at thrift stores."

15. "I can't make it, I have to go to the gym."

16. "I can't make it, I'm DJing tonight."

17. "I'm not drinking right now."

18. "I don't go to Starbucks."

19. "I work in social media."