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May 21, 2020

The Worse You Do On This Music Quiz, The Younger You Are

How much do you know about music from before 2010?

  1. Finish this Guns N' Roses lyric: “Welcome to the jungle...”

  2. Which Beastie Boys music video is this from?

    Grand Royal
  3. Finish this Kanye West lyric: “She don't believe in shooting stars...”

  4. Finish this Prince lyric: “This is what it sounds like…”

  5. What instrument did Paul McCartney play in the Beatles?

  6. Finish this Stevie Wonder lyric: “I just called to say…”

  7. Finish this Madonna lyric: “Just like a prayer…”

  8. Which group famously sang the ’60s classic “Be My Baby”?

  9. The Cure had a hit in 1992 called, “____ I’m in Love”

  10. This still is from the video for which ’90s one-hit wonder?

    Scotti Bros.
  11. And finally, what was Frank Sinatra's nickname?

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