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    24 Of The Most Literal Things Ever


    1. This license plate.

    2. This motto.

    3. This traffic sign.

    4. This pie chart.

    5. This portrait session.

    6. This graffiti.

    7. This praying mantis.

    8. This hot dog.

    9. This heart of stone.

    10. This mouse.

    11. This Polish version of No Strings Attached.

    12. This advertisement.

    13. This ingredient list.

    14. This Netflix recommendation.

    15. This car decoration.

    16. This morbidly accurate sign.

    17. This album cover.

    18. This guy playing pool.

    19. This Chrome dome.

    20. This girl's homework.

    21. These jello shots.

    22. This crowd surfer.

    23. This cock block.

    24. And, of course, this triumphant use of "literally."

    Literally the best.

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