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    Someone Designed A Potato Chip Bag Specifically For Men

    Finally, dudes catch a break. Via Packaging of the World.

    McCoy's is a British purveyor of crisps. "Chips" to the Yanks out there.

    Here's where they stack up in the definitive ranking of their peers.

    They've been presenting themselves as "MAN CRISPS" for years now.

    HOWEVER, Design firm BTL Brands didn't think they've ever "looked or felt particularly manly."

    So they've created a concept design for new McCoy's packaging. You know... for men.

    "We decided that the bag should open along its longest side, contrary to conventional chips bags."

    Okay, not that manly yet. Go on.

    "This means the bag remains exactly the same size, but the opening is extended by a whole two inches, so proper big-handed men can actually fit their hands into the bag."

    THERE ya go. Hooray for "proper big-handed men"! Flummoxed no more!

    What would that look like, you ask? Allow Bigman McRingfinger to demonstrate.

    Mmmmm, wide chip berth, I've waited for you SO LONG.

    I mean, look at the design. So bold. So all caps. So MAN.

    To recap: problem solved, Real Men. CRISP AWAY.