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    21 Signs You're Addicted To Crossword Puzzles

    What's a three-letter word for obsessed? YOU.

    1. Will Shortz is your celebrity crush.

    2. Your vocabulary is full of short, vowel-packed words.

    "This ewer has just an iota of oleo in it," is a sentence you might say. Okay probably not, but you get the point.

    3. This is how you decorate your walls.

    4. You get weirdly giddy about puzzles with inventive themes/execution.

    5. Giddy doesn't even begin to describe your reaction to this amazingness.


    6. You have piles of these laying aorund.

    7. On a long flight, you skip pills and stick with puzzles.

    8. Sometimes you get grief for being a square.

    But you don't really care, though.

    9. Your day doesn't really start until you've had your coffee...and a crossword.

    10. You sometimes say you'll only do the New York Times crossword, but really any puzzle will do in a pinch.

    11. Jon Stewart proposing to his wife with a customized crossword puzzle is your favorite engagement story ever.

    Evan Agostini/Staff / Getty Images

    12. You fucking love wordplay.

    13. Speaking of which, you've seen this a few dozen times.

    14. You are really into pencils.

    15. But sometimes you like to live dangerously.

    16. This is what multitasking means to you.

    17. You own at least one item of crossword-related swag.

    18. Instead of dreaming of fame and riches, you dream of being the answer to a Times crossword clue.

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    One day... *sighs wistfully*

    19. A puzzle is mandatory beach material.

    20. You can't resist a puzzle pack.

    21. No matter how long you've been solving, looking at a Friday puzzle can make you feel like an idiot.

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