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    18 Pictures That Prove Shiba Inus Are Both Wonderful And Insane

    We don't even deserve Shibas.

    1. Shiba Inus are, frankly, magical weirdos.

    VencaCz01 / Via

    2. They have their own strange Shiba logic.

    When my dog wants attention he gently bites a piece of furniture, holds perfectly still, and makes aggressive eye contact. It’s pretty weird and very funny. Also it works.

    3. But they also have this almost unbearable cuteness.

    4. And an undying loyalty.

    aap71 / Via

    5. You almost crumble just looking at 'em.

    drumz626 / Via

    6. They can be so goddamn sweet.

    BigOunce42069 / Via

    7. When they're not being sweet, they're being random as heck.

    OneAngryPanda / Via

    8. You never really know what they're gonna do next.

    9. They're curious and kinda sneaky.

    JorianRS / Via

    10. They find themselves in the stickiest of situations.

    11. "How? And why?" — you, a Shiba owner.

    12. Shibas are, of course, very regal and poised when they want to be.

    13. Very in control of their own destiny.

    pixalives / Via

    14. Very, well, in charge.

    15. They do what they damn well please, and they do it with stoic grace.

    mkcronin / Via

    16. In conclusion: WEIRD...

    jamkam18 / Via

    17. SWEET...

    I_Hate_Reddit / Via

    18. SHIBAS!!

    DaWeyHowBoutDah / Via

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